In "Glue for Two"  Fred and Barney gets glued to Barney's bowling ball.  They try to find a way to free themselves without damaging the new bowling ball.  One method involves two elephants pulling at them from opposite sides.  The plan backfires, the elephants slam into Fred and Barney, leaving them flat. 

In "Nuthin But the Tooth"  Barney has a severe toothache. He wants to go to a dentist, but Fred thinks they should pull the tooth for free.  One method involves the cat, Dino, a rope, and a hook.  Again Fred's plan backfires, and he ends up getting dragged through the streets, finally getting run over by a steamroller. 

In "Fred's Second Car"  Fred buys a used vehicle at a police auction.  Some gangsters are also interested in the car (some loot is hidden in it) and they pursue Fred & Barney.  In the end, the gangsters get flattened by a loose roller/wheel.