In 1944's "Plane Daffy" Daffy is a World War II messenger trying to keep the female Nazi spy Hatta Mari from stealing the secret message he is carrying.  This is difficult, as her kisses are enough to melt Daffy like butter.  He then slides down some stairs. 

In 1949's "Holiday for Drumsticks Daffy get flattened in the "bricked-up doorway" gag

In 1945's "Ain't That Ducky", Daffy has to avoid a hunter (NOT Elmer Fudd, but a caricature of comic actor Victor Moore) while also trying to discover what another duck has in his briefcase.  Near the end, both Daffy and Victor are on the top of a mountain demanding the duck turn over the briefcase.  Instead they get clobbered, and "melt" down the hill. 

1950's "Golden Yeggs", Daffy gets kidnapped by Rocky, Mugsy and their gang, who mistakenly think he can lay golden eggs.  He tried to escape by going down a laundry chute, but comes back neatly pressed and folded. 

In "Fast Buck Duck" Daffy gets rolled flat and used as a kite.

In 1966's "Mexican Mousepiece"  the closing gag has Daffy getting flattened against the side of a cliff.  Speedy Gonzales suggest they sent him overseas "where they are loco for pressed duck".